Our Marketing Campaigns for  Dhaka Bike Show 2018 for ensuring audience a Glittering Showcase of the Bangladeshi & World Automobile and Auto-component Industry.

We believe a lot has been stated to highlight the importance of South Asia as well as Bangladesh as the Automobile & Auto Component Industry of the world.

CEMS-Global USA, will put its full expertise of  over 26 years to task and will carry out extensive marketing campaigns around the World including South Asian region in important cities and also focus on the Automobile and Auto-component hubs of Asia , Europe & US to promote Dhaka Bike Show 2018 and also personally meet and invite official delegations from related Industry Associations (at the cost of CEMS) of these countries to make the event a resounding success.

Apart from the above, CEMS-Global USA’s professional teams and its own offices in over 8 countries will back up the Marketing Campaign and give all out efforts with Direct Mails, Advertisements in leading Newspapers and Trade publications of  each countries, Fax and Email Campaigns, Internet marketing, Conferences before the event, and promotions at related Industry events.

We will work  for you to bring endless business opportunities at your doorstep in  Dhaka Bike Show 2018.